The BID Data Suite is freely available under a BSD-style license. Complete bundles for Linux, Windows and Mac are available here. BIDMat is a self-contained matrix toolkit. BIDMach uses BIDMat as a library but includes it in the bundle, so you dont need to download BIDMat as well.

The basic bundles require Java 1.7, and for GPU use, CUDA 7.0. If you want to use the IScala notebooks, you need a recent version of IPython installed. The current release is Version 1.0.3.

Full bundles which include the CUDA 7.0 runtime.

Source code is available on Github here:

We built an EC2 AMI ready to use for the toolkit with GPU support. To use, please create an g2.2xlarge instance with image id ami-71280941 in region US West (Oregon). Here are some step-by-step instructions (or follow this link to have access to the AMI directly. AWS login is required.):

1, Go to EC2 Management Console;
2, Change region to US West (Oregon);
3, Click “AMIs” on the left rail area;
4, Change filter to “public images”;
5, Search for ami-71280941 ;
6, Select the AMI and launch it using a g2.2xlarge instance with your own security group and key pair.

Alternatively, you can use AWS command line interface to create the instance. Here is the script.

SG="your security group"
KP="your ec2 key pair"
ec2-run-instances $AMI -g $SG -k $KP -t $TYPE

The g2.2xlarge instance comes with a Nvidia Kepler GPU. The AMI has BIDMat/BIDMach 1.0.0 installed and configured for Amazon Linux, Java 1.7, Scala 2.11.4 and Cuda 6.5. Bidmat and Bidmach are already in the execution path, so just type:
to get started. You can also do
cd /opt/BIDMach/tutorials
bidmach notebook
To start an Ipython-style (IScala to be exact) notebook to run the tutorials in. To run on a suite of test datasets, from the linux shell do:
cd /opt/BIDMach/scripts

and then
bidmach workout.ssc

For more detailed documentation, please go to BIDMat wiki and BIDMach wiki.

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